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Black Organization
Black Social Club

A Black Cultural Hub and So Much More!

We cultivate community to continue to foster and promote our heritage and rich history. Afro aloha is the first Hawaii based black membership social organization and we are more than just a black social club too.

Pioneering a lane for others to come together, create, and be inspired.

Welcome to Afro Aloha, where we aim to provide black communities throughout Hawaii a platform to grow, gather, love, and share heritage, history, and future together. Although the black community accounts for less than four percent of Hawaii's population, we are a very diverse and mighty community, making the need for community and togetherness even greater. Yes, Afro Aloha is a membership-only black social club, but as a black organization striving to empower and promote the black community, we are so much more. We also host events that are open to non-members and those traveling to Hawaii.

Thank you for visiting Afro Aloha. Are you looking for a place to plug into what feels like home? Are you seeking an environment of like-minded people who share the same experiences and culture? Or looking to learn about the diversity within this community across the diaspora? Be seen, be heard, be felt. Be unapologetically and creatively you.  Contact us for more information or to join today. We are Afro Aloha, and we are the cultural hub of the black community in Hawaii. Tap in!

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