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Juneteenth Events
Black Events

Looking for Juneteenth Events?

Since becoming a federal holiday, you've probably have noticed an increased visibility of products and promotions for Juneteenth events all around outside of Hawaii. How many of those events and announcements, though, were regarding black events and celebrations like Juneteenth in Hawaii? Over the past 4 years we've been changing that.

Black residents in Hawaii make up less than four percent of the state's entire population. With such a small percentage of Hawaii's population, black produced and centered events are necessary. Forums, venues, spaces,  celebrations (like Juneteenth events), and a community to help us connect and create is one of the many things we do well. 

Throughout history, the black community has been an impetus for positive change, and that legacy continues today. Afro Aloha strives to carry that torch in places like Honolulu, and to continue effecting positive changes throughout the state. That is also why Afro Aloha continues to cultivate community by reaching out directly, word of mouth, leading by example, while providing opportunities to network, create, learn, and grow.

Don't think this is all about writing our own history, working to make the world around us better, and breaking new ground. While those are some of the driving forces behind the organization, it is also focused on community, creativity, joy, love, fun, litness, and all the things! At Afro Aloha, we also don't believe that these are exclusively separate ideas and concepts either. In fact, it is through our friendships, bonds, networking, and community, that we find both joy and success, love and empowerment.

Thank you for visiting Afro Aloha, where we celebrate blackness wholeheartedly and each other. If you would like to learn more about Afro Aloha or if you want to join, contact us for more information. Welcome to Afro Aloha, a black organization built by the black community and for the black community. 

To see more images of our most recent 2023 4th Annual Juneteenth Cookout and Black is Art, follow us on 

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